Muutoksia sivustolla (2020/11)

Sivusto vaihtoi webhotellia ja samalla kieli vaihtui pelkästään suomeen.
– – –
This website had some minor changes recently. The site moved to a new web hotel and you can see English only in the blog posts from now on. The menus etc. will only be in Finnish.

Flower Power (2020/09)

Alunperin ideana oli mennä Saikan maisemakukkapellolle kuvaamaan kukissa pörrääviä hyönteisiä, mutta kolea ja kostea ilma oli häätänyt pörriäiset muualle. Jottei reissu olisi mennyt täysin hukkaan, päätin sitten kuvata itse kukkia.
– – –
I was supposed to photograph bees and other insects buzzing around the flowers at Saikka flowerfield but the poor weather meant I couldn’t find any suitable models. Instead of going back home empty handed I decided to take photographs of the flowers themselves.

Karhu-Kuusamo (2020/06)

Kävin vaimoni kanssa ensimmäistä kertaa karhunkatseluun tarkoitetussa kuvauskojussa Karhu-Kuusamossa. Kokemus oli sen verran huikea, ettei tämä varmastikaan jäänyt viimeiseksi kerraksi!
– – –
It was my first time in a bear-watching booth in Bear-Kuusamo. I enjoyed the experience so much that we will definitely go back there some day. Hopefully that ”some day” will be next year. 😉

Facebook Page Created

I decided to offer my (potential) customers more ways to communicate with me and therefore created a photography focused page to Facebook too. At least for the time being the page is called ”Valokuvaaja Teemu Paukamainen”.

Winter Macros

Winter’s here and all the bugs are away so what to shoot with my macro gear? Well, if you look hard enough there’s still plenty of small things to photograph. These three macro pics were taken with my trusted macro equipment: – Olympus E-M5 – Olympus M.Zuiko 60mm f/2.8 Macro – Raynox DCR-250 super macro […]

First Time For Everything

Hello! So… How did this happen? I’m not a real blogger and never fancied writing these kind of silly texts anywhere. Yet here we are. To be honest, this site is mainly for showcasing my work and that’s about it. Don’t expect long blog posts – unless they’re filled with pictures or videos.