If you have read my Info page you should know that I’m the programmer behind wackywords.fi website. The owner decided to freshen up the site recently so we shot new footage for it (and some social media sites).

The site itself got some new features (e.g. blog) but the most noticeable change was upgrading the static banner image to a slideshow. The same slideshow (well, not exactly the same since every social media platform had their own size requirements which meant making multiple versions of the same slideshow) was deployed to LinkedIn and Facebook as well.

The images for the slideshow were taken in our home studio in front of a white backdrop and then were combined with a stock photo to get what we wanted. Most of the work happened once again behind the computer – and in Photoshop to be exact. Taking the photographs was the easy part. Creating convincing composite images was the real challenge but I think we fared well. What do you think? Click here to see the slideshow banner in action: www.wackywords.fi.