Guess what! I assume the amazing pole dance artist Henriikka Roo liked my Studio Move spring show photos since she asked me to come and shoot her new show last weekend. The request was perhaps a bit unusual though. ”Why’s that?” one might ask. Well, the show was at a local adult expo called Nautinto 2k18. 🙂

Originally I chose Friday to be the day I’d go shooting. And I did go. Unfortunately the place was really poorly lit and the photos were ”less than optimal” and I was really disappointed at the results. Henriikka managed to persuade me to pack up my gear and come again on Saturday as well — and I’m glad she did! The photos from Saturday were soooo much better that it might be hard to believe they’re taken by the same photographer (with the same camera). The organizers had opened some windows at the venue which meant 100x better lighting. And it showed.

For those who don’t know who Henriikka Roo is I suggest visiting her website or Instagram account. It was her first time doing a show with aerial hammock — yet the performance was absolutely amazing on both occasions.

I have turned into a ”zoom preferring photographer” and I nowadays use prime lenses almost inclusively for macro shots. On Friday I had my two favorite zooms with me (and the 75mm prime which was way too long to be used there). I decided to shoot with the shorter one (12-40mm) and it turned up to be a mistake. The aperture f/2.8 just wasn’t fast enough and the focal length was a bit too short. I guess the optimal length would have been 45-60mm.

Since I got the second chance I decided to use a faster lens to get more light. I opted to use my underrated Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm f/1.8 prime lens. I’m sure the photos with this prime lens would have looked much better compared to the shots from Friday even without the extra light provided by the organizers.

Below are a few shots from the show but you can find all the pictures in the following Flickr album: Henriikka Roo @ Nautinto 2K18

Henriikka has uploaded a video of the performance to Youtube so I suggest you head to this address and enjoy the show: 🙂