Kennel Photoshoot (2019/02)

It was time to add some new pictures to Hexa-Han Kennel’s website and Facebook page so I once again packed my bags and headed to shoot on location. For such photoshoots you can’t go wrong with my usual setup: Olympus E-M5 and Olympus M.Zuiko 40-150mm f/2.8 PRO. That’s all you need really. I did have […] Updates (2019/02)

If you have read my About page you should know that I’m the programmer behind website. The owner decided to freshen up the site recently so we shot new footage for it (and some social media sites). The site itself got some new features (e.g. blog) but the most noticeable change was upgrading the […]

Vintage Photoshoot (2019/02)

I was asked to do a photoshoot where the goal was to get pictures that looked as they were taken decades ago. And in case you didn’t know, this kind of look is often called “vintage”. Hence the title. For this shoot I packed my bags and headed out to shoot at the clients’. I […]

Studio Moven joulunäytös 2018

I was on vacation in London when my favourite pole dancer (excluding my lovely wife obviously) Henriikka Roo asked me if I were available and interested in shooting the Christmas show of the dance studio she’s giving lessons at. People who know me also know that I’m not that good at saying no to such […]

Website Updates

I decided to rename the Photography page to Photographs and reorganized the galleries. Instead of all galleries being equal like before I thought it would be appropriate to give more focus on the following four galleries: people, pets, real estate and weddings. I also split the old animals page into “pets” and “animals” (I might […]

First Wedding Gig As A Freelancer

A friend of mine asked me if I were interested in shooting their wedding. Obviously I didn’t want to turn down such a great opportunity and agreed immediately. I did have one doubt though: timing. Everyone living in Finland knows that October means rain and cold weather. I had shot a few weddings (including my […]

Facebook Page Created

I decided to offer my (potential) customers more ways to communicate with me and therefore created a photography focused page to Facebook too. At least for the time being the page is called “Valokuvaaja Teemu Paukamainen“.

Henriikka Roo @ Nautinto 2K18

Guess what! I assume the amazing pole dance artist Henriikka Roo liked my Studio Move spring show photos since she asked me to come and shoot her new show last weekend. The request was perhaps a bit unusual though. “Why’s that?” one might ask. Well, the show was at a local adult expo called Nautinto […]

Studio Moven kevätnäytös 2018

One of the performers was calling out for photographers in Facebook and I had no plans for the Saturday morning so I thought why not go and shoot at the Studio Move Spring Show 2018. I hadn’t shot any pole dance events for 5 or 6 years now and thought this would be a perfect […]

My First Paid Photoshoot

1-2 months ago I decided to take a step forward with my photography and see if I had what it takes to get paid for doing what I really enjoy – taking pictures that is. Only a few days later I got a private message in Facebook from a friend of mine. He (or actually […]