Studio Moven joulunäytös 2018

I was on vacation in London when my favourite pole dancer (excluding my lovely wife obviously) Henriikka Roo asked me if I were available and interested in shooting the Christmas show of the dance studio she’s giving lessons at. People who know me also know that I’m not that good at saying no to such […]

Sorin Sirkus Joulushow Kinahmi (2017)

Lighter = Better!   My wife and I have a tradition to go and see the Christmas show by a local youth circus called Sorin Sirkus each year. This year the show was called Sorin Sirkus Joulushow Kinahmi. I’ve taken my trusted old Olympus E-M5 compact system camera (with the amazing Olympus M.Zuiko 40-150mm f/2.8 […]